Water activities, Sunnanö camping

Beautifully situated tourist facility just a stone's throw from the bay Sunnanöviken which leads directly to the fairway and the Sea of Åland. Yu can rent motorboats, kayaks, bicycles, pedal boats and SUP boards.


There is also a mini market, restaurant and coffee shop. The beach area has a sand beach, cliffs, diving tower, jetties, changing rooms and toilets.

If you are interested in fishing, you can rent a small boat with an outboard motor. Subject to space availability, you can also bring your own boat and rent a berth for your stay at Sunnanö camping (plase send enquiry). Renting a cottage is popular during early spring and late autumn for herring and other kinds of fishing.

There are 3 kayaks K1 and K2 ProXplure for rent. Also a few moorings for rent for those who want to stay in their on boat at the campsite for a few nights and use the campsite facilities. The bicycle pedal boats are very popular to go for a trip in the bay. You can of course order food from the restaurant to bring on the trip.