Crown Witness (Kroongetuige)

During the spring and early summer of 2017, the tv-series Crown Witness (Kroongetuige) was filmed in Öregrund and surrounding areas. The series is a unique combination of drama and reality, a first of its kind in Sweden. The project started in December 2016 when a smaller group of people from Strix Television Netherlands visited the Roslagen area in search of suitable locations for filming. It turned out Öregrund was the best one among more than fifteen other Swedish candidates. Öregrund was chosen as the filming location because of the beauty of the area, the peacefulness, the authentic atmosphere and strong commitment of Östhammar Municipality.

Öregrund is one of Sweden’s best preserved wooden towns and the only place on the Swedish east coast where the sun sets in the sea. The best way to get to know Öregrund is to get a map from the tourist agency and go exploring. The local history center and the naval museum, the light ship Västra banken and the church with its famous bell tower are all worth a visit as well as all the narrow streets with its picturesque houses. A short stroll from the town center will take you to the Tallparken recreational area where you can swim from the rocks, go for lovely walks and enjoy the fantastic sunsets.

Do not miss out on having lunch or a coffee at Kafé Wilma where a major part of the scenes were filmed. The harbour area has a variety of shops and you will find restaurants to suit any taste in the old boathouses by the water. Öregrund offers a wide selection of where to stay, whether you prefer a hostel, a bed & breakfast, a guest house or a hotel. The adventurous minded will be able to rent kayaks, boats or bikes and during the summer season there will be guided kayak tours around the area.

The tv-series Crown Witness (Kroongetuige) was aired in the Netherlands during the autumn of 2017. Approximately 1 million viewers watched the last episode of Kronvittnet and the app has been downloaded nearly 100.000 times.

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