Ancient spa or tour with a Viking boat & sauna - closed parties

Storholmen Viking Village - Norrtälje, Norrtälje
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Do you want the Viking village for yourselves? Choose between the activities ancient spa or tour with a Viking boat and end with a sauna.

Here you are welcomed by your own Viking.

1. Choose if you want to learn about old age thoughts on cleanliness and beauty routines! We learn about the natural remedies, make our own organic ointment and make a real rice sauna. You can take the ointment home with you.

2. Alternatively, you can choose to hear a Viking tell you about the Vikings' boats and trips where you also go out on a rowing trip with a Viking boat.

Regardless of activity, the day ends with a sauna.

After the activity, we gather for a while at the camp fire, waiting for the sauna to be completely warm. Take the opportunity to explore the Viking village before the sauna. The sauna is located right on the water, is wood-burning and in Viking-style. It can accommodate 20 people, sitting in a circle.

There is a little simplejetty where you walk in. You can also jump in the water from the cliffs or from the lookout area, about 3 m high.

As a final gathering by the fire again for lunch and socializing those who want.


· Towel

· Clothes after weather

· Drink for the sauna

· Picnic, or something to grill

· Life jacket, if you want your own, otherwise we will loan life jackets.

Program time: about 4 hours from 15-19

Cost SEK 9,500, max. 16 people

Think of:

* because of the Corona virus, we start by washing ourselves.

* Cancel if you feel the slightest ill! Free cancellation, please notify us as soon as possible.

Contact information

Vikingabyn Storholmen
Svanberga Varjagvägen 1

Phone: +46-703425170


Price information

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9500 kr

4 hours