Section 2 Karby Gård - Örsta


From Karby Gård, the Roslagsleden trail proceeds through Stolpaskogen forest to a lovely picnic area on Gullsjön lake and up over the 58 m high Löttingekullen – Täby's highest natural peak.
On Löttingekullen stands a Bronze Age cairn, testament that Löttinge Gård is one of the oldest farms Täby, while a large Bronze Age burial site nearby offers further evidence.

From Löttinge Gård, Roslagsleden runs through a large and relatively untouched area of forest to Angarn.
Just past where the trail turns off the recreational path towards Skavlöten Friluftsgård (a recreation centre 3 km away), it passes Fågelsångsmossen, one of the Stockholm area's best developed peat bogs. At Åsta there is a rock carving by master stonemason Öpir, one of Uppland's most prolific rune artists. Vallentuna has seven rune carvings by him – works of art with intertwined runic animals winding across the stones.

Angarnssjöängen is the countys finest location for birdwatching. Around 25 species nest on the shores of the lake and 75 or so in the surrounding areas. Centuries of rising land levels, overgrowth and attempts at drainage have transformed the former coastal inlet into a reed-covered marsh that is ideal for birdlife. The trail passes an observation tower for birdwatchers.