Section 6 Wira bruk - Penningby


The section between Wira Bruk and Bergshamra leads through varied forest and cultural sites. Old Bergshamra has several buildings of historical interest, including a guest house. Kvarngården is a watermill from the 1760s. King Gustav Vasa himself decided that a mill should be built here back in the 16th century. Legend has it that the water spirit known as the Neck has played his beguiling tune at the Kvarnforsen falls.

This idyllic site also has a furnished millers house. In summer, Kvarngården offers popular art exhibitions, events and a small café.

Between Bergshamra and Grovsta lies an exciting stopping off point with a cabin at Grevinnans Rå. This is the point where the old boundaries of four villages meet, and was once an outpost of the Countess of Penningsbys estate. The intersection of the four villages is marked out in the forest. Hikers are welcome to stay overnight in the cabin.

The last stretch of the trail before Grovsta follows road 276 to Penningby, on bus routes to Norrtälje, Åkersberga and Danderyd. The runestone here dates the site back to the Viking times. A simple café can be found in the homeware and gift shop Linneladan.

Penningby Castle was built in the late 15th century as a medieval fortress. Both basement levels have retained their original medieval character, and is home to the famous ghost, the Woman in White.


About the route

Distance: 22 km
Type: Walking trail
Difficulty: Medium
Conditions: Forest trail, Trail over farmland, Asphalt road