Section 10 Gåsvik - Sandviken


The area around the island of Väddö offers a wealth of beauty spots. In Swedish we call a favourite spot off the beaten track a "smultronställe" and Väddö Tourist Board has chosen some that might be of particular interest to visitors. These sites are marked with special "smultronställe" signs.

At Bagghus bridge the Roslagsleden trail follows the Väddö canal to Älmsta. Along the canal is one of Väddö Tourist Board's smultronställe spots – the Maritime Museum of Roslagen in Kaplansbacken. The museum has a fantastic collection covering Roslagens maritime history.

Väddö canal was originally a natural waterway. It was dredged several times over the centuries, first on the order of King Gustav Vasa in the 16th century. By the 18th century, the channel was no longer navigable and in 1820–1840 Väddö canal was dug. This was when it took on its current route, opening to traffic in 1835. In about 1900 the channel was straightened, widened and deepened, as it still remains today.


About the route
Distance: 9 km
Type: Walking trail
Difficulty: Easy
Conditions: Gravel road, Forest trail