6 Days Skogsbad Yoga Retreat with SUP in Öregrund, Sweden

Yoga retreat - Anna Göransson, Östhammar, Östhammar

Welcome to this fun and educative five-day retreat designed to align and flow with your specific needs. You will discover and experience the benefits of daily “skogsbad”. You will stay at your own private studio hotel or hostel private room located in the heart of Öregrund. Enjoy all-inclusive organic meals made fresh daily, establish mental focus and clarity, reconnect, rejuvenate, and reenergize yourself!

You will be staying at Epokgården, a charming hotel located in the heart of Öregrund, a block away from the harbor. The studio/suites are very tasteful, and the rooms simple and comfortable. Enjoy beautiful scenery, walking through historic streets with landmark residences and buildings. The coastline trail will take you to the healing energies of the pine tree forest. Enjoy sunbathing at the small sand beach or pick your own private cliff.

The word skogsbad originates from the Japanese word shirin-yoko, which means simply being and tuning into your senses among powerful pine trees and the healing energies of the coastal forest. Research on fatigue syndrome has shown that when aligning with nature, you can access a deeper level of meditation. And it is through this very moment healing starts to occur. Learn how to connect and remain in a powerful state.

You will have daily meditation and yoga sessions. When the weather allows, you take your practice outside on to the SUP (stand up paddleboard). You will be using combo of fundamentals, techniques and approaches drawn from different styles of yoga, philosophy, repetition of the eight limbs system, anatomy, alignment, pelvic floor, fascia, and nutrition.

Öregrund is a beautiful coastal town and a well-renowned health and spa resort since the late 1800s. It is the most northern part of Roslagen, an incredible archipelago with pristine nature. There is only one spot on the whole east coast of Sweden where you can experience the magnificent sunsets over the Baltic Sea and this is it!

This small town by the sea was established in 1491 and became an important shipping competitor to Stockholm. The iron from the world-leading Vallon bridge was called "Oregrund Iron" after the port of Öregrund, which had the exclusive right to ship the iron in the world.

But Öregrund was also ravaged by plague and war and has been burned down and rebuilt several times. By the end of the 19th century, Öregrund had developed into the east coast's most popular seaside resort and spa resort with bathhouse and high society house. At Badort Days in mid-August each year, Öregrund is moved back to that time. Offering hat parade, brass band, and other festivities and events from the Badort era.