Furusund Värdshus, Christmas smorgasbord

Furusund, Norrtälje

Welcome to our beautiful Christmas smorgasbord at Furusund Värdshus!

When the Christmas approaches, we gather at the inn to create a cozy Christmas atmosphere. The Christmas tree is dressed in red ornaments and lights, the food is cooking on the stove and a delicious scent is spreading in the whole restaurant. Come and enjoy a wonderful Christmas smorgasbord in the archipelago. We use locally produced groceries and cook all our food from scratch with great passion and love. Classical recipes meet new thinking. The cold buffet is displayed in our cool outdoor space, the food is presented in small pieces and are beautiful decorated. You will find the hot food in the kitchen where the chefs happily share their secret recipes.

Book our Christmas package and stay overnight!


Contact information

Furusund Värdshus
Strandvägen 2
760 19 Furusund
Phone: +46-17680344
Booking: +46-17680344

E-mail: info@furusundvardshus.se
Website: http://www.furusundvardshus.se