Cycle tracks on Gräsö

Gräsö, Östhammar

Get to know the island by bicycle or on foot, and you will soon understand and appreciate the high cultural value of this archipelago community.

For those who wants to explore the island Gräsö by bike, we have put together this guide for your convenience. You can choose between tours like the short one that takes about half an hour or the day tour which takes you to the northern tip of the island. We recommend you to follow the trails in the order they are presented in this folder to avoid getting lost, especially if you choose the medium tour. For convenience all tours start at the ferry dock. Enjoy!

1. The short tour

The tour takes you in less than half an hour (about 4.5 kilometers) through the island's oldest farmland. You pass Österbyn and Västerbyn and can make a detour to the Iron Age burial ground at Gräsö farm if you feel like it.

2. Between tour

The touris almost 20 km long and takes about 2.5-3 hours cycling in moderate tempo. It takes you along the west side of the island, up past Klockar Boda and then across the island through the forest and then bring you back along the east side. Road standard varies between asphalt and forest road. At a short distance, you manage the cycle. Bicycle trailer gets tricky in the woods, but the children in the children of nobility should go well.

3. Full day tour

Something for the fitness stronger. The tour is 40 km (Thu) and takes you to Örskär Strait at the northern end and then back down to the ferry situation. You will pass several of the island's villages and can make a detour to the fishing villages north of the island.


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