Cason Icelandic horses


Experiences with the Icelandic horses! We ride, spend
time with horses and learn horse communication.

It is a small stable where you can feel at home.

Contact information

Lillben & Zaire AB
Contact: Pernilla Cason
Phone: +46-707886858
Mobile: +46-707886858
Booking: +46-707886858

Organizer: Cason Islandshästar


Public transportation


From Norrtälje (25 minutes by car):
Take route 76 towards Hallstavik/Gävle until you see a sign towards Ununge.Take left. Drive 1-2 km and take left to Åla, follow signs to Åla. Take left on a gravel road and then take left again towards Asphagen.

From Stockholm (50-60 minutes by car):
Drive towards Norrtälje, at Roslagsstoppet, drive towards Hallstavik. You will drive through Rimbo to Hallstavik. Aboout 20 minutes after Rimbo take left towards Ununge. After 1-2 km take left towards Åla, take left on a gravel road and then left towards Asphagen.