Kayak on Arholma

Gräddö, Norrtälje

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Welcome to ERkajak

Out on the island Arholma in the Stockholm archipelago, we welcome you who want to rent a kayak, learn to kayak or go on guided tours.

Our kayak center is located in Roslagen in the archipelago around the corner.
It offers accommodation, food and activities. A perfect place for recreation and adventure.

After a few strokes, you are out of the kayak among the islets and rocks.

Contact information

Fejan Outdoor
Gasverkskajen 5
76015 Gräddö
Contact: Robin
Phone: +46-812017193

Organizer: ERgroup

E-mail: info@erkajak.se
Website: www.erkajak.se

Opening hours

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Opening hours: We are open the following hours. For other times, hitting a ping for personal service. May 1-June 21 Holidays 10:00 to 17:00 (Fri 16-19) June 22 to August 26 every day 9:00 to 17:00 August 27 to September 30 Public holidays 10:00 to 17:00

Price information

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  • Single Kayak from 350: - / day
  • Double Kayak from 500: - / day
  • SitOnTop-kayak from 300: - / day
  • Rent a tent from 300: - / day
  • Rent outdoor equipment (mattress, sleeping bag, etc.) from 100: - / day
  • Guided tours from 950: - / pers

Public transportation


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  • Rental of single kayak and double kayaks.
  • Guided tours
  • Rental of hiking equipment


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* From Norrtälje (7 mil north of Stockholm), take route 76 towards Grisslehamn. Road 76 becomes Road 283. You should not turn off and follow road 76. Drive 23.5 km * Turn right toward Battery Arholma. Drive 6.3 km * Turn right at the Battery Arholma and continue 16 km. * Turn left towards Battery Arholma and continue 2.3 km * When you get down to Simpnäs port is there parking. * Times for ferryboat over to Arholma available on www.sl.se * Arriving at Arholma is 1.2 km to Arholma Nord (15 min). Luggage transport we organize. * We also run water taxi from Räfsnäs directly to Arholma North. 1400 - / tour (up to 8 people)


Bicycle rental
Canoe hire