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Fishing guide

Want to catch your dream fish or just take a nice boat trip with family, friends, business or your customers? We will guide everything from small gatherings to large groups and arrange coffee, lunch or dinner. Pick up and leave at the agreed location /bridge, and do you need, we will help you to book a good accommodation or conference.

We arrange guided fishing for pike, walleye, perch, sea trout and salmon in particular the Stockholm archipelago and on Lake Mälaren, but at request in other waters. We fish from thaw to freeze-and every day of the week. Even ice tours and ice fishing when the ice is safe arranged.

Pike, perch and zander we fish all year round and when the water temperature drops below 10 degrees, we fish including trout. Depending on the location (Archipelago /Mälaren) and the season we determine current fishing at the time of booking.

Our modern and fullyequipped boats and our experienced guides will take you safely out to sea for an unforgettable experience. All fishing equipment needed for agreed guidance is on board and is the latest in the market. We are fully insured, holds all required permissions and F-tax.

If you do not want to fish, we can instead take you on a delightful tour of our wonderful beautiful archipelago, where you can often see both eagles and seals, or even by sea to visit some of Mälaren all the castles.

If you wish to help with accommodation, conference facilities or end the tour on an archipelago restaurant we most recommend. And we will help you naturally with the booking of this.

Together, we tailor your day at sea!


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Sea & Sea The guides offer guided tours for both families, friends and businesses that have either an employee or customer activity. We guide both larger and smaller parties, coffee with accessories and lunches arranged by appointment and if you wish, we can arrange pleasant accommodation

Whether you are a big fisherman, novice or simply want to experience a peaceful relaxing tour among outcrops and islands so follow with Sea & Sea guides on an adventure at sea.
A guaranteed unforgettable experience!