Event Line

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Looking for adventure?

Bring your friend, fellow student, association, or why not yourself to an experience beyond the ordinary.

We tailor your experience after önkemål.
About us
Event Line in Norrtälje offers businesses, schools, organizations and individuals tailored experiences beyond the ordinary. Our high rope courses are open to everything from business conferences to hen and stag parties. We specialize in sectors including team building, personal development and leadership. The focus is the concept that behavior, communication and group development which target the training takes place in the air, on land and in the water.

In order to satisfy you as a customer, we have also developed a network of collaboration partners. Along with these, we can therefore today also, in combination with an experience, offering lectures and workshops in areas such as:

Oraganisations-, corporate &Process Development
Wellness & Health
Mentoring /Personal Development
etc ..

Skilled Personnel & High Security
We are well-trained in how to climb high rope courses. The activities carried out by a professional equipment to be maintained and checked to the manufacturer's instructions. The courses are inspected regularly.
To hold tight to the security may seem bureaucratic, but we believe this will increase the customer's sense of security. The trick is that safety does not affect the experience and the adventure will be adventurous. Our conduct is:

You may not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Zero tolerance prevails.
You may not weigh over 110 kg.
Tie up long hair and put away loose objects before you start to climb.
Wear comfortable clothing, Event Line Ltd takes no responsibility for clothes.
Pregnant women, people with heart problems or high blood pressure are advised not to climb.

Contact information

Eventbanan AB
Nordronavägen 1
761 46 Norrtälje
Contact: Anna Rensvik
Phone: +46-703743938
Mobile: +46-702694516
Booking: +46-703743938

E-mail: info@eventbanan.se
Website: www.eventbanan.se

Opening hours

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According Appointment