Experience Vaxholm for 1 day

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Vaxholm, just an hour's boat ride from Stockholm, is a picturesque city with a nice little shops, cafes, restaurants, beaches and natural beauty. Here, people have lived off herring fishing since the 1500s when King Gustav Vasa decided to place the defense of the inlet to Stockholm here. Still towering Citadel, the old fortress, the sound outside the village. A visit which throws you back to the time when the citadel was like its own little community with high military officials, soldiers, officer, wives, maids and prisoners. Since the 1800s, is also known Vaxholm Vaxholm herring - a delicacy that is still served on Vaxholm restaurants.

Climb aboard one of our taxis at Strandvägen in Stockholm and travel comfortably through the inner archipelago on the trip to Vaxholm. Feel the history of Vaxholm Citadel when the guide tells about the fortress's exciting history. In Norrhamnen put you on a walking tour through the city's oldestblocks, where the small pastel-colored wooden houses surrounded by bridges and lush gardens. In the cozy restaurant Hamnkrogen served the city's specialty for lunch - herring with accessories. During the afternoon there is time to stroll around on your own - take the opportunity to shop, visit art galleries or go swimming. A water taxi will meet up in the center of Vaxholm for the return trip to the Strandvägen in Stockholm.

Availability: May 1 to October 15
Duration: 6.5 hours
Departure: 11.00 from Strandvägen 18 in Stockholm
Return: 17.30 at Strandvägen 18 in Stockholm
Price: 1800 SEK per person
Price includes: return trips by water taxi, guided tours in Vaxholm Fortress, tour of Vaxholm, lunch, excluding drinks.
Number of people: at least 4 persons

Organizers: Archaeology Event, Catch & Relax, Rindö Shipping, Resarö Water taxi, Vaxholm Fortress Museum, Hamnkrogen.

For bookings and more info:
contactArchaeology Event via email or telephone;

info@arkeologievent.se, 070-299 48 56

The package can also be provided with start and finish in Vaxholm. The contents of the package is the same as above, apart from the trip to and from Stockholm.

Available throughout the year, except when there is ice in the Citadel Strait.
Duration: 3.5 hours
Departure: 11:30 from central Vaxholm
Return: 15.00 in the central Vaxholm
Price: 850 SEK per person
Price includes: travel to the Citadel return by water taxi, guided tours in Vaxholm Fortress, tour of Vaxholm, lunch, excluding drinks.
Number of people: minimum 4 persons, maximum 30 people. If fewer than 4 people wish to book the package, the cost of the entire package 3400 kr.

For bookings and more info:
Contact Archaeology Event,   www.arkeologievent.se, info@arkeologievent.se, 070-299 48 56