Arholma, Norrtälje
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The activity center at Arholma northern tip offers adventure, recreation and experiences in a stunning setting.
With the sea as its nearest neighbor, you can here experience the outer archipelago in the best way.

With us you can rent kayaks, bikes, MTBS and also test the nerves in our 150m long Ziplinebana. It offers accommodation and food, as well as sauna. All for you to get such a nice and relaxed stay in nature as possible.

Contact information

Gasverkskajen 5
Contact: Robin
Phone: +46-812017190

Organizer: ERgroup


Opening hours

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Opening hours: We are open the following hours. For other times hitting a ping for personal service. May 1-June 21 Holidays 10:00 to 17:00 (Fri 16-19) June 22 to August 26 every day 9:00 to 17:00 August 27 to September 30 Holidays 10:00 to 17:00

Public transportation


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  • Rent a bike (bicycles for children and high chair available)
  • Rent a mountain bike and discover the forest trails on Arholma
  • Rent a kayak
  • Follow us on guided kayak tours
  • Ziplinebana climbing the turret


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* From Norrtälje (7 mil north of Stockholm), take route 76 towards Grisslehamn. Road 76 becomes road 283. You should not turn off and follow road 76. Drive 23.5 km * Turn right toward Battery Arholma. Drive 6.3 km * Turn right at the Battery Arholma and continue 16 km. * Turn left towards Battery Arholma and continue 2.3 km * When you get down to Simpnäs port is there parking. * Times for ferryboat over to Arholma available on * Arriving at Arholma it is 1.2 km to Arholma North (15 minutes). Luggage transport we organize. * We also run a taxi boat from Räfsnäs directly to Arholma North. 1400 - / tour (up to 8 people). During the summer you can go straight into Arholma North's bridge from Stockholm (4h) and to use the North-South boats running. All the info about times and brewed peak at