Bed and Box, Roslagen

Väddö, Norrtälje
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Bed and Box

Bed and Box's hostel for rider and horse when you ride on longer trips are overnight accommodations for you and your horse. Rent accommodation in the hayloft, cottage or guest house. The horse may borrow stall or paddock.

What the different farms have to offer vary from hayloft, tent, room, house or luxury accommodation. Similarly, the ability of the horse vary - everyone has such .Not stables and hay to offer without the horse may borrow pasture.

Each farm be booked individually, to contact each one to see what they can offer you and what prices they have. Pricing varies by default.

At the association's website there is a map where you can get information about where to find accommodation and what they have to offer. There is also information about what's nearby Whatfor culture, leisure and events. To the right of this page you can also download a list of contacts to various farms that offer Bed & Box.

The Association has no responsibility for the riding, but you ride on allemansrätt strange conditions. This is not an organized riding trail but only accommodation arrangements.

Service, which get their packing /carriage moved, made up on each farm.

Under the heading at the top you will find the houses that offer bed and Box.

Contact information

Föreningen Ridled Roslagen

760 40 Väddö
Contact: Jorun Skagerberg
Phone: +46-17650686
Mobile: +46-705886396