Enskärs Maritime AB

Gräddö, Norrtälje
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Our company has been Enskärs Water transport in Roslagens archipelago in over 30 years. Our focus is to transport people after ordering the islands as desired. Our clientele consists of among other conference guests, summer residents, tourists and entrepreneurs who Vattenfall and the Swedish Armed Forces. We also tend to be annlitade by undertakers and individuals for askspridning in the sea. If you have your own wishes on set-up for a successful archipelago, we welcome your views.

Contact information

Enskärs Sjötransport AB
Stora Enskär 8
760 15 Gräddö
Contact: Allan Karlsson och Pär Jansson
Phone: +46-706928383
Mobile: +46-706928383

E-mail: info@enskarssjotransport.se
Website: www.enskarssjotransport.se


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By car or SL bus to Räfsnäs Bridge on Rådmansö