Game fishing in Lake Drängsjön.

Åkersberga, Österåker

Experience the serenity of an early morning by Lake Drängsjön, when the mists are lingering and the lake lays competly still is a wonderful experience. The only thing that could possibly make the experience even greater is the possibility to catch a beautiful trout or char.

Fish Info

Largest ever landed brook trout is 2.3 kg. Rainbow trout 5.2 kg.

Stocked fishes are released in to the lake between 0,5 to 1,5 kg. In some cases rainbow trout are released in the lake when they weigh 2.5 kg

Other fishes in the lake are pike, perch, ruffe, burbot.

The lake is 32 ha and the maximum depth is 10.7 meters

Contact information

Domarudden Kurs- & friluftsgård
Domaruddsvägen 70
184 91 Åkersberga
Phone: +46-854020825


Price information

|Translated by Google translation| Fishing license prices for Saddler lake - dissolved in serving Fishing licenses are valid for 12 hours from the time and date of a fishing license, not a member 120 SEK. Fishing licenses, ÖSFK Member exhibiting for the year valid membership card 50 SEK. Family card, not a member 150 SEK. Family card, ÖSFK Member exhibiting for the year valid membership card 80 SEK. See also our fishing packages during package / offer.


|Translated by Google translation| Adult who solves the fishing license must be the family's children, under the age of 15 years, with fishing on the same card. However, the basic rule that you can only take up three precious fish (for rainbow trout, brook trout and brown trout, singly or in combination) per card baby fish on the same card. Although separate family cards are available to solve. Then comes max 5 game fish per card. Read through the fishing rules on fishing permits and information boards before fishing begins. Treat the club rowing as if they were your own!