Björkö-Arholma, Norrtälje

Arholma Waltz

Arholma is known for the Arholma Waltz and its special Midsummer pole.
The beacon from 1768 is historic moment offering splendid views.
The island features a nature reserve managed by the Archipelago Foundation.

Accommodation and attraction

There are two hostels, Bull-August Gård and Arholma Nord at the northen tip of Arholma. This is also the site ot the Arholma Battery museum, wich offers guided tours of this former coastal defence fortress from the Cold War.

At Arholma

At Arholma there is swimming, a guest harbour and a village shop. Arholma dance pavilion has a restaurant and summer café.

Contact information

Besöksmål i Norrtälje kommun/Attractions

76041 Björkö-Arholma
Phone: +46-767650660