Åkersberga Centre

Åkersberga, Österåker

Åkersberga Centrum is located in Österåkers Municipality, 30 km north of Stockholm City. The shopping center is centrally located near the Roslagsbanan and bus connections, as well as road 276 that goes through a tunnel under the facility. In autumn 2010 Åkersberga Center got extended with 12,000 m². At this time 20 new stores opened up, this was the first step towards a doubling of the trading range. In the spring of 2011, additional concept stores - including H&M, MQ, Hemtex, Kjell & Co and Ur & Penn took place- which means that there are now nearly 90 shops, cafes and restaurants. Customers are offered a wide choice of shopping with focus on fashion, consumer electronics and home furnishings. For visitors arriving by car, there are nearly 900 parking lots, of which a large number are in a carpark.