Our private island

Åkersberga, Österåker
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Our private island

Our private island located 45 minutes from Stockholm and 55 minutes from Stockholm Arlanda. Right in Stockholm's beautiful archipelago.

There is a meeting room for up to 100 people and Barbarella Bar serving healthy, locally produced gourmet without e-materials. The company, which started in 1994, with a vision of the environment or help create new ways of communication.
To achieve it, is on the island of meeting professionals with 30 years of experience in events, activity and adventure guides and behavioral scientists who specialize in group dynamics and leadership.

On the island intermingled kick-off groups with interactive leadership courses and companies that engage in group development.
On the website they write that one must dare to be & a little "laid back" when you're there. Not until you step ashore understand really what it means. For there is a cool and relaxed atmosphere that comes. The environment on the island invites to it.

In the evenings, crackling campfiresand people gather around them to socialize in a way that you normally do when on company events.
Our private island is Swan labeled and as a guest, you contribute to environmental work.

Contact information

Äventyrens Ö
Koholmen 1
184 92 Åkersberga
Phone: +46-854088116

E-mail: info@aventyrenso.se
Website: http://www.aventyrenso.se

Opening hours

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April to November


|Translated by Google translation| We offer door - door package where transportation by bus & Traffic / charter included if you want Located on an island where you take the boat. Meeting rooms Meeting room for 100 people in theater seating. Summer home has its own meeting room if you choose to stay there. Many also choose to have their meetings in a meadow or rock by the water when they are with us. Accommodation for over 200 people Budget accommodation for 40 people in Summer Home, Soltorpet and the Yellow cottage. All are traditional red archipelago house renovated "Boutique-Style" 2010 - 2011. Even more budgetary get if you choose to stay in our Laplander tents. There is capacity for 150 - 200 people. We offer - as the only company in Sweden- "Teambuilding Guarantee" Tell this when you ask for an offer that it is such a program you want to book not our game programs / activities not covered by the . Competence & Security Everyone working with development programsthe island is a UGL facilitator or behaviorist specializing in group dynamic processes, conflict, feedback and leadership. Everyone working with climbing or rope courses have certificates and training to safely work with people at high altitude. All our guides who work with fun activities have some form of basic leadership training. Most are in Åre ski instructor in winter.


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Most environmentally friendly option: Spring & Fall of Blidösundsbolaget from Stockholm Fastest option: Shuttle bus service to the nearest pier and charter boat that will take you then to the island in 5 minutes the most economic option: Public transport by bus to Vaxholm and then water taxi from there everything also depends a bit on how big the group is. But we will help you find the solution that suits you best.