Hike in the Nature Reserve East Tvärnö

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The Nature Reserve East Tvärnö

The chips in the nature reserve has been used since the Iron Age through cutting, cultivation, mowing and grazing.
In the eastern part of the reserve, facing the sea, you can hike a trail that starts just east of the perineum and ends just south of the perineum. The trail is about 3 km long. Car parking is just east of the perineum.
When you walked halfway to get to Näsudden where there is a picnic area with fireplace and wood. The view over the sea towards Grisslehamn Singö's free!

Berga- and Myravägen

The western part of the reserve is dominated by mature conifer forest with rocks and marshes. The forest is uneven-aged and shaped by long-time cattle grazing. In some parts are rocky ground with up to 250 year old pines.
Through this part of the reserve, you can walk on Berga- or Myravägen that the school paths that kids old days when they went to Tvärnö school. The paths are approximately1 km in each direction. Bergavägen is drier to wander. The name Myravägen comes from the trail goes over the marshes, it is therefore wetter and best suited to hike during the winter when it is frozen.

Contact information

Mellangården Tvärnö
Tvärnö Mellangården 755
742 91 Östhammar
Contact: Eva Medin Johansson
Phone: +46-703980387
Mobile: +46-703980387

E-mail: mellangarden755@gmail.com
Website: www.oregrund.nu/tvarno

Opening hours

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The paths can be used year round but they kept not plowed of snow in winter. During spring and autumn it is advisable to wear rubber boots when you are walking.

Price information

|Translated by Google translation| The hike in the reserve is free. Guided tours can be ordered on the perineum.


|Translated by Google translation| The nature reserve is managed by Upplandsstiftelsen. Rangers are Eva and Anders Johansson on the perineum. The path to the Näsudden marked with red markings on poles / trees. Berga- and Myra roads managed by Tvärnö Hembygdsförening and marked with signs, a mountain repektive an ant. Note that during the grazing season can be cows, sheep or horses in reserve. There are those who keep the land open! Dogs must not run loose and grazing animals can be indiscreet to dogs and partly out of curiosity, but also to defend their calves / lambs. Additional info: www.upplandsstiftelsen.se


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State highway 76 towards Östhammar. 2 km north of Östhammar, follow signs towards Raggarö Golf Course, Long Alma. Follow the sign to Raggarö in each intersection. After Mellangården parking on the right side.