BKV Norrtälje

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BKV Norrtälje

Formed in 1933 (BK wolves changed its name in 1989 to BKV Norrtälje)

• 1190 members (75 active girls and 250 boys active)
• 150 youth leaders (as well as parents, bingo functionaries etc)
• Close to 70,000 core hours per year = over 40 full-time employees
• 3,500 activities per year
• more than 100 activities per week during the active season.

Training Groups:
Mr. Senior and Mr. Junior
P94, P95, P96, P97, P98, P99, P00 and P01

Senior Women
F94, F96

NT league with around 10 teams

Norrtälje Sportcentrum, nave.

IP, Sports center
Sports Field
Campus Roslagen (formerly Lv 3)

Club Costume:
Regular: Red shirts, blue shorts and red socks.
Reserve Set: blue shirts, blue shorts and red socks.