Section 1: Danderyd – Karby Gård, 15 km

Östhammar, Norrtälje

The fastest way to reach the Roslagsleden trail from central Stockholm is by metro to Mörby Centrum. From there you can walk down to the start at Rinkebyskogen forest, taking in Danderyd’s 15th-century church on the way. Since manyof the church’s contents are considerably older than that, there may well have
been an even earlier church on the site at one time.

From the starting point next to Danderyd church, the Roslagsleden trail leads through Rinkebyskogen to Rösjön lake. Here the trail mostly follows various
recreational paths and the terrain is easy going. A short detour from the path towards Rösjön lake brings you to Enebybergs IP, a sports centre with showers,
saunas and parking.

Rösjöbadet in Sollentuna is a popular place to swim in the lake, and has showers. It also has a three-star campsite that’s open all year round, with cottages and a restaurant. Access is easy by bus or car, with parking available here and at the nearby Edsberg sports field.

After Rösjöbadet the trail passes Rösjön recreation area which, alongside Järvafältet, is Sollentuna’s leading location for leisure activities. Floodlit paths allow the area to be used practically all year round. The easy walk through the recreation area takes you past Kolartorp, formerly a croft on the Edsberg estate. Trees used to be felled here to make stacks of charcoal, hence its name, which means Charcoal Croft.

From the northern tip of Edsviken bay up to Hagby Gård in Täby, Roslagsleden follows one of the old Viking routes. There are plenty of runestones to be seen,
including the Jarlabanke stone in Rösjöskogen forest, where the trail heads off towards Fjäturen lake, and a runestone where the trail goes up from Fjäturen towards Käringsjön lake. Jarlabanke was an important
local man, and a Christian, who had several stones dedicated to himself. Many of them declare that he ‘owned the whole of Täby’.

The enchanting forest lake of Käringsjön has a shelter and barbecue area. Across the open landscape heading for Vallentunasjön lake, the trail passes
Hagby Gård, once one of Täby’s largest farms. The farm stands at the crossroads of two important ancient paths. Near Hagby Gård lies an Iron Age burial
site and the farm’s courtyard has runestones from the 11th century.

After Hagby Gård comes a lovely stretch of countryside along the southern edge of Vallentunasjön lake. It’s hard to resist a rest on one of the smooth flat rocks here. The trail then passes below the former actors’ retreat ‘Höstsol’, which is now Såstaholm conference centre.

The final destination on the first section of the trail is Karby Gård – an art centre housed in old farm buildings – which has exhibitions, a craft shop,
graphic art workshop, herb garden and café. The farm, first documented in 1293, was once owned by Birger Persson – father of Saint Birgitta.

Karby Gård is on a bus route. It is also within walking distance of Täby Kyrkby station on the Roslagsbanan train line.


Enebybergs IP, 08-568 916 56, Rösjöbadens Camping, 08-96 21 84, Karby Gård, 070-350 70 16,