Section 8: Vigelsjö – Roslagsbro, 14 km


Vigelsjö is a hub on the Roslagsleden trail. The trail from Danderyd ends here and it is also where the new section of Roslagsleden to Grisslehamn on the Sea of
Åland starts. Vigelsjö offers nature trails, swimming in lake Lommaren, floodlit trails, boules and games.

Vigelsjö nature reserve comprises woodland and open fields and is a wonderful place to enjoy the great outdoors. Parts of the nature reserve are of great natural value, e.g. the oak woods Vigelsjö Lund, where golden anemones can be found.

The smaller lake, Ludden, formerly overgrown, has been cleared to once more create a haven for birdlife. There is an information board here and a birdwatching
tower with a ramp for disabled access. The north-west shore of Ludden is bordered by Nånö oak woodland with its 200 year old oaks and hazels. The oaks are a good habitat for rare mosses, lichen and fungi. In the spring, anemones, liverleaf and violets flower here. Other plants in this area include moschatel, common twayblade and baneberry, as well as species such as quaking grass and meadow saxifrage.

Just after the underpass under road 76 the trail passes Färsna 4H-Gård with farm animals to see and a café, Tupplidret, open all year round. The local Vintage Tractor Club has a display of well-kept, old vintage tractors and farm machinery here. Färsna Gård is always open to visitors. This is also the location of Färsna Nature Centre with exhibitions on the nature of Roslagen,

From Färsna to Roslagsbro the trail follows paths, gravel roads and tarmac roads. Here Roslagsleden runs parallel with Broströmmen – a 14 km-long canoe route between Brosjön and Norrtäljeviken. Once upon a time this was an important sailing route. Broströmmen offers river canoeing – in the summer in an almost tropically green environment rich in birdlife including nightingales and kingfishers.

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At Gillfjärden there’s swimming, plus a dry toilet, jetty, changing hut, campfire site and car park. Approximately 1.5 kilometres away is a bus stop for buses to Norrtälje and further afield.

At Roslagsbro church there is an ideal landing place for canoes. Beside Broströmmen in Roslagsbro there is a small car park and several bus stops with
connections to Norrtälje. Roslagsbro church dates back to the 13th century, and was described as the
cathedral of Roslagen by Bishop Nathan Söderblom. Its altarpiece is the oldest in Sweden. The paintings date from the 15th century. They still look new even
now because they have never been painted over. We don’t know the name of the artist but he is known as Roslagen’s master. The church contains a number of treasures, including a statue of St Erik. Every Midsummer it is struck by the rays of the setting
sun for five minutes at 8.55 pm.


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