Växplats Nybyn

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Växplats Nybyn

Most of the range is pulled up from seeds and cuttings of self-cultivation that are KRAV approved. Geraniums, peonies and old roses are in good sort, however, are not organically grown.
Fresh herbs, medicinal herbs, grandmother flowers, butterfly plants, perennials and a small assortment of vegetables are also for sale. Experience the scents of medicinal and herb garden.
Feel part of the plants' different characteristics and be inspired!

Store & Café

In the café you can buy coffee, tea and pastries which mostly consists of organic ingredients and where possible also fair trade.

The shop sells gifts and utilitarian objects from small entrepreneurs, craftsmen and non-profit organizations such as the Organisation for Individual Relief and Nature Conservation. By buying a nice tablecloth from a cooperative for lepers in India or fine wooden toys made and beautifully painted byartisans in Sri Lanka, you can help them get a reasonable income.

Contact information

Växplats Nybyn
Nybybackens väg 33

Contact: Kristina Mattsson
Phone: +46-17560644
Mobile: +46-704231066

E-mail: kristina.nybyn@outlook.com
Website: www.vaxplatsnybyn.com

Opening hours

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We will open on May 14 season in 2015. Sunday, May 31 at 13-15 (drop in) Tasty chocolate. With a wide range of quality chocolate from around the world are webshop kakaw.se visit. The company is run by Erik Hammar, who is an agronomist, specialized in sustainable agriculture and conservation, including cocoa-based agroforestry in Belize in Central America. Quality chocolate does not only mean that the chocolate tastes good, but also the raw materials have been produced in a sustainable way that does not harm the environment and that farmers receive fair compensation for their cocoa. Take the opportunity to find your chocolates favorite in our store. We offer tasting of chocolate from our range that is organic and Fair Trade / Fair Trade. Free entrance. Sunday, June 14 at 11-14 Pelargonskottdag. Buy, replace or sell cuttings! Geranium Collectors and enthusiasts share their knowledge and experiences. Free entrance. Sunday, June 28th Everything you should know about chili! At 12-14(drop-in) Chili devotees and amateur growers Ulf Erikss