Färsna farm, Norrtälje

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Färsna farm owned by the Norrtälje Municipality and managed by Norrtälje Environmental Protection Foundation.

The 101 hectares of meadows, pastures and woods are within walking distance from the center of the city.

In the woods north of town there Färsna is an open courtyard. There is a café, toilets, recreation areas, illuminated trails, shelters, barbecue pits and a forest playground.

Färsna farm aims to increase accessibility for everyone, including the disabled. The farm can be reached by public transport (bus 651).

Until 1998 the farm was operated as agriculture. On Färsna farm offered animals, nature and experiences for big and small.

Please visit the farm and surrounding nature!


Contact information

Färsna gård
Färsna gård 1
761 73 Norrtälje
Contact: Lotta Andersson
Phone: +46-17618407

E-mail: info@farsnagard.se
Website: www.farsnagard.se