Forsmark Estate


Forsmark Estate

It was the ironmaster John Jennings who had built the two manors in Forsmark. Jennings had reached a high position in society. He started a big change for the Forsmark foundry and started obviously with his own residence.

The old mansion was completed in 1765 but was not as impressive as the neighboring foundries new fine mansions. Forsmark old mansion was considered too modest and somewhat archaic. Jennings made contact with Jean-Eric Rehn, who was commissioned to design a new mansion and also do a proper master plan for the entire mill.

The new mansion was built in 1768 and was completed in 1774. John Jennings could unfortunately never move into the new mansion, he died in 1773, only 44 years old. His widow Hedwig von Plomgren and children lived there until 1780 when she too passed away.1781 Samuel af Uggla with family moved into the new mansion. Samuel af Uggla resumed work on Jennings master plan for the foundry and completed it in a grand way. The new mansion was built just a stone's throw away from the old one.

Today, both mansions harbour conference facilities for Vattenfall and Forsmark Group. In summer you can take a guided tour through the foundry of Forsmark and then you will also visit the mansion.

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