People's House in Norrtälje

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People's House in Norrtälje

It is a house full of activities, here runs from early morning to late evening, conferences, music meetings, exhibitions, training, sales meetings, product information and meetings with writers and poets.
People's House in Norrtälje, after a full refurbishment just become the meeting place where people meet to share important information and ideas. The house is equipped with a hearing loop, Internet, Computer /DVD projector, AV equipment, overhead projector, video. LAN play is also possible.

People's House in Norrtälje has great resources to cope with different kinds of events. We have fresh facilities for both large and small meetings. You rent for the principle 4-hour period. You have a variety of rooms to choose from, which means you can tailor your appointments for a large or small audience.

For conferences, we have all the necessary equipment and would like to have some extra arrangements will arrange it.

Wherecentral location offers proximity to restaurants and shops.