Ekan Öregrund

Öregrund, Östhammar
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Ekan Öregrund

Öregrund-Gräsö Kons Thant Seems Association, exhibition and sale of the town's arts and crafts. Guest exhibitors are on the upper floor.

Contact information

Ekan, Öregrund

74242 Öregrund
Contact: Ordf. Torsten Molarin
Phone: +46-725696289

E-mail: yvonneap@gmail.com
Website: www.ekan.nu

Opening hours

|Translated by Google translation|
Opening hours in 2015: Ekan is open week 26-33. Monday-Friday 11-17, Saturday-Sunday 11-15. Exhibitors are upstairs throughout the summer. For other times at major holidays and events see local advertising.