Edsbro, Norrtälje


At Edsbro Iron Works manufactored Iron between 1680 to 1894.
There is still a blast furnace and a locksmith`s here. The blast furnace and a locksmith`s here from Skebo in 1686 and the last commercial activity on the site took place in 1919. The site`s enviroment is well preserved with a works street and long rows of red houses. Edsbro is a historic area. There is a large burial site with standing stones, and near the blast furnace you´ll find one of Norrtälje`s 37 hill forts. Edsbro`s 13th-century church is richly decorated with paintings. The folk museum at Åsavallen features a spinning wheel factory, fire engine museum, and school and postal museum. In the parishhouse there is touristinformation during summer.

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Besöksmål i Vallonbruken Norrtälje Kommun

76031 Edsbro
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