Rånäs Bruk

Rånäs, Norrtälje

In the beginning of the 1770's, the owner of Gimo bruk Jean Le Febure-Liljenberg requested permission from the royal court to move one of Gimo's two Walloon hammers to Rånäs for the production of bar iron. The motivation for the move was the lack of forest for charcoal production as well as insufficient water power.

Jean Le Febure-Liljenberg received his charter for bar iron production at Rånäs Bruk in 1774. The bar iron was issued with Gimo's bar iron stamp. The Reuterskiöld family took over the works in 1806 and the works remained in production until 1894. Only a few foundation stones remain from the forge itself. A shock absorber factory built in the 1950's stands on the old works area. The historic works street features white plastered houses, originally built for the families of the smiths and other people of the works, as well as two larger buildings on either side of the square. These buildings contain offices, a school and administrator's housing.

The works manor house (Rånäs slott), built in late Empire style, was completed in 1844. It contains a magnificent stuccoed ceiling and extravagant neo-Renaissance decorations. Rånäs slott, as well as Stenkvarn (an old mill) and the works archive were divided from the rest of the works in 1932. Stockholm city and county council owned these during most of the 1900's; today they are privately owned.

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