Norrtälje Sportcentrum

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Sports center in Norrtälje

We can offer a modern and functional sports facility for ice hockey, hockey, football, handball, athletics, hockey, badminton, wrestling mm.

Sports Centre is helping to arrange all the practical issues that accommodation (in the newly-renovated pavilion right next to the Sports Centre) swallowed any. excursions or field trips. An interesting option for your training camp!

Norrtälje sports center was inaugurated in 1988, but in 1982 formed Foundation norrtälje sports center. The Foundation currently consists of six different compounds: Norrtälje Hockey Club Handball Club Ceres, Friskis & Svettis, BKV Norrtälje, Norrtälje Brottarklubb and Rånäs 4H.
Sports center fills today the features that athletes, spectators and other visitors want. By the plant is also very suitable for other activities such as music and theater events, fairs, exhibitions, etc., we know that Norrtälje Sportcentrumgot a place on the map Sweden.

Conference on sports center

Conference room for about 50 people. Access to TV, VCR, overhead projector, flipchart and whiteboard.