Berkinge bruk,

Berkinge, Östhammar

Berkinge encompassed two taxable estates in the 16th century. One of these was granted in 1632 to Gerhard de Besche, one of the Dutchmen who in 1624 leased Forsmark estate. de Besche erected a hammer mill and blast furnace on the property. Berkinge was incorporated into the works in 1646 when de Besche became owner of Forsmark. The hammer mill was demolished in 1711: the blast furnace operated until 1884. The Berkinge manor estate was constructed about 1750 and consists of a small main building and two small annexes. The manor house has a tall hipped roof and an archaic, quadratic design. Farm buildings from the 19th century are included within the estate. The works features workers housing, the remains of cinder stone farm buildings, blast furnace ruins, corrosion pit and newly renovated dam are also to be seen here.

A Leisure land for the entire family. Waterslides, beach, and bridges. You can rent a boat and go fishing. Coffee-shop that serves light lunches. Barbecue huts. Floating sauna. Camp site, rooms for rent.

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Besöksmål i Vallonbruken Östhammars kommun

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