Viking activities on Vikingabyn Storholmen

Viking activities for children and adults! Try crafts, see performances, listen to fairy tales and try Viking games. In the Viking village, there are reconstructed buildings and environments that create an authentic atmosphere.


See and do in the Viking village

During the summer you can watch and learn from Vikings when they do their handicrafts in the village. You meet blacksmiths, shepherds, spinners, and other craftsmen. If you want to try, they teach what they can. Try, among other things, forging, wool crafts, or bake your own flatbread over the fire or in the ashes. The rune master teaches the secrets of the runes, the signs that adorn countless rune stones in Uppland. Hövdingen and Husfrun tell you everything you want to know about the Vikings' lifes .

At special times of the day, a signal is heard over the village. This is the signal that some special activity is starting in the village. It can be a show with Viking-era games, song and music, a lecture or the storyteller tells a story.

The environment and the surroundings
In the Viking village there are reconstructed buildings and environments that create atmosphere on the site and the beautiful lake Erken surrounds the Viking village.
Just a stone's throw away there is also a nature reserve with 166 tombs from the Viking Age.

NOTE! We adapt the activities on an ongoing basis in accordance with current Corona restrictions. Therefore, you will probably need to pre-book a visit via the tourist office, Visit Roslagen / online here on the website.


Located in Svanberga 10 kilometers north of Norrtälje along route 76.