cbis:1978248 Uddens Bed and Breakfast
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cbis:1978248 Uddens B&B

Uddens Bed and Breakfast

The house is beautifully situated on the northwestern point (tip) of the small town Öregrund overlooking a bay of the Baltic Sea. In summertime you can watch the sunset at the horison of the sea. The house has a great old garden with a lot of different flowers, fruittrees and berry-bushes. It is very close to rocky shores with good opportunities for swimming but also close to the town center with shops and restaurants around the smal and picturesque harbor. Originally from the early and mid 1800`s the house was a homestead for a skipper and his family. At the end of the century relatives of todays owners rented a part of the house and in 1900 they bought the site. Current owners are the the fourth generation living in the house.
Wireless access Communal bathroom/shower/WC Shower shared Tv in lounge Communal cooking area Non smoking Communal dining room/ eating area Beach