Tjockö ekonomiska förening (co-operative)

Welcome to Tjockö - An island with a scary past.


When the wind is mild, the sun is flowing and the sounds from the midsummer games echo across the island, Tjockö is the picture of the Swedish archipelago and summer. A long time ago though, the people of Tjockö showed the world a completely different side: They lit fires on the mountain to lure fully loaded sailing ships ashore. The tale goes that they killed the crew and took care of the cargo. That's what happened then - if you are to believe the tales. On Tjockö there is a proper archipelago store that is open all year with everything you need in the way of food. Large selection of food and other necessities. Fresh vegetables, Swedish meat from Andersson & Tillman and home-baked bread. Order a stone oven pizza or a tasty sandwich cake. There is a small library and coffee service with homemade pastry. The store also sells liquid gas, pharmaceuticals and alcoholic beverages. You may borrow a trolley if you need to transport heavy goods. For visitors arriving by private boat, there are two or three spaces to berth at Roholmen, next to the passenger boat’s mooring place. You may also anchor at the natural harbor on the north side of Tjockö. Tjockö is located about 800 meters from Räfsnäs on the mainland and is one of the few islands in the archipelago that still has much of its old character. The artist Jenny Nyström drew much of her inspiration from Tjockö and several of her famous gnome paintings was made here. It is easy to get around Tjockö. The main road, which runs from Ångbåtsbryggan (the steam boat jetty) in the west to the east side of the island, is about four kilometers long. Follow the path into the mushroom and blueberry forest or take a walk past the beach to the lighthouse on the island's northwestern cape.