Syresatta Möten (Oxygenated Meetings) – Hiking and conferencing – as a mobile facility

  • Phone number (booking): 070-8798537
  • Contact person name: Nina Lindblom
Sometimes you need to get away from the office for a day – or maybe just a few hours – to gather the group, focus your thoughts and really talk to each other. We switch the conference room for nature. We take advantage of the fact that we are more creative and find it easier to collaborate when we are on the move outdoors.
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There is now a pent-up need to get away from the digital meetings, to meet colleagues, gather a group and at the same time be able to work constructively. I arrange outdoor conferences – "oxygenated meetings" – held in combination with hiking.

During a morning or an afternoon, we gather to conduct your meeting in a nearby nature area or near a conference facility.

We combine hiking with conversations, discussions and idea generation in small groups, two by two or individually, in the form of a walk-&-talk, personal time for reflection or a group discussion. We make several stops along the way for coffee and to gather the group, an opportunity for a short talk, a presentation and to change conversation partners.
We end the day with a lovely lunch outside.

This form of activity is suitable for workshops, goal and vision work, brainstorming, start-up of new groups, business planning, business development or time for reflection on various issues. Well before your meeting or mini conference, we meet for planning.

We use our smartphones to take notes and/or audio memos during the hike. Notepad and pen will also work fine.

You are responsible for the process management yourself during the hike. I handle guiding, logistics, schedule, grouping, inspiration and coffee. I am happy to assist if you want support in the implementation.

It is also possible to add a short yoga session outside to end the day.

Group size: 6-20 people
Time: 3-4 hours including lunch
Length of hike: 4-7 km

My name is Nina Lindblom – I am a genuine outdoor person with a long experience from being in nature in all its forms.
I work as a hiking guide and yoga instructor.

I provide hiking, yoga and meeting concepts for companies, groups and conference facilities. Always outdoors.

I also do yoga walks for individuals/groups with elements of forest bathing.

I operate mainly in the area from Roslagen to central Stockholm, but also accepts assignments in other parts of the country.

I am a consultant in marketing, communication and sustainability – with a long background in both tourism and advertising/communications.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch for more information.
Nina Lindblom

Inquiries and quotation:
please contact Nina Lindblom, Syresatta möten
0708 798537 | nina@figurera.se