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Welcome to the Soundwalk in Östhammar!


Come for a walk through the town of Östhammar. You will find signs with QR-codes at seven different spots throughout the town. Scan the code and listen to stories about the place you are standing in and the historical sounds of Östhammar.

Listen to the sound of the town being burnt to the ground by Russians in 1719 and the creaking sound of the Wiking ships sweeping past Nordanviksstenen, the dangerous rock of the Östhammar inlet. Listen to the sounds of craftsmen at work by the heritage center and the dreadful story of the Hen Throttler at the place where the old courthouse used to be. Relive the heyday of Källör, its high society bathing guests and regattas in the bay with Captain Lundin bellowing from the bridge of Östhammar 1 in the background.
Please notice that the marked route on the map is just a suggested route. You may listen in whatever order suits you and stop at the number of points of your personal choice.
Accessibility: The route contains footpaths and slopes but no stairways. Printed manuscripts are provided at the tourist information center at Rådhustorget, making listening easier for the hearing impaired.

Technical information:

QR-codes are scanned using a QR-reader that can be downloaded as a free app for your smartphone. If you do not have a QR-reader, please visit the website address stated on the sign. Internet access is required to listen to the audio walk. Please note that data usage may incur charges check with your service provider.
If you do not have a smartphone, the tourist information center at Rådhustorget will have listening devices available free of cost.
We recommend listening through earphones for the best experience. The audio walk is provided in both a Swedish and an English version.

Audio production: LB-ljudmontage/Roland Lindberg

Script and Swedish speaker: Stig Unge

Translation and English speaker: Alexander Peck

Swedish and English information speaker: Åsa Norling

Project owner: Bygdegårdsföreningen Källör

Financed by Föreningslyftet, Östhammar municipality and Visit Roslagen

Föreningslyftet is part of Mervärdesprogrammet, a cooperative agreement between Östhammar municipality, Oskarshamn municipality, SKB and their owners.

Valuable viewpoints and input for the Audio Walk has been provided by a reference group consisting of representatives from Bygdegårdsföreningen Källör, Frösåker Heritage Society, Östhammar Culture and Recreation Administration and the city guides of Visit Roslagen and Östhammar municipality.

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