Skederids church

  • Visiting address: Skederids allé 19 Postal Address: 762 92 Skederids kyrka
Saint Birgittas (Saint Bridget, Bridget of Sweden) father, Birger Persson, built Skederids Church probably as a farmyardchurch.


Sacristy and crucifix in todays Church are from the old farmyardchurch and longhouse. After Saint Birgitta was sanctified many pilgrims came to Skederids church and therefore, in 1500th century, the church were extended. Outside the clocktower there is a memorystone with Saint Birgittas pray:
"Lord, show me the way, and do me willing to walk on it"
Today you can visit a Saint Bridget exhibition in Skederids kyrka. Contact the parish for the churchs opening hours.