The facility at Skebo is Upplands´s oldest known iron works. There was already a foundry here in 1444. From the 1500s until1733, the works were ownedby the Tott family.

In 1622 a new foundry was established in Skebo by Henrik Lemmens. Skebo held a unique position among Walloon works because of its access to special raw materials and manufacturing methods.

The blast furnace monopoly moved to Edsbro Iron Works in 1686, but was owned by Skebo. Forging stayed in Skebo and a steel wire-drawing plant was erected in 1765, followed by a rolling mill in 1815.

The works community´s white-walled houses, forge, mill, greenhouse, warehouse and streets are still there today. The iron works museum is located in the old fire station and depicts the site´s history,

The Beatles were rumoured to have almost performed here in 1960s. But the fee of SEK 1200 was too much, so Skebo said no thanks. However, Skebo still has an active cultural association and often arranges events with other artists.