Simpnäs Harbour Café

Welcome to Roslagen and Simpnäs Harbour Café


An old customs house which today houses a café/bistro & shop (clothes, gift items, etc.)

In 1956, the cargo ship M/S Boge was launched. Five years later, the ship was rebuilt into a passenger and car ferry. A "box" was put on deck as a passenger compartment and a car entrance was installed on the starboard side. Boge operated the route between Simpnäs and Åland during the years 1961-1963. In 1963, the frame of the "box" was put ashore at Simpnäs. A roof was put on the frame and the "box" was used as a waiting hall for the customs house, today under the name of “Bogehuset”. The cars drove by under the roof outside the entrance to the customs house, which today is a dining room, so that they could be checked by customs.

Today Bogehuset is a café and the customs house is a dining room.

Adjacent to the café is a gift shop with clothes, scented candles, patchwork quilts and much more from France, South Africa, Sweden, Denmark and other exciting countries.