Simbadets Camping

Simbadet is a campsite for the more mature crowd who like to relax over the weekend without any mosts, with a glass of wine in your hand and the smell of a beautiful BBQ food in the air! The closeness of Österbybruk's city centre and local historic places makes this an attractive campsite for visitors!


Holiday homes
We have 5 rental holiday cabins. Basic self catering cabins are available. Each cabin has 2-4 beds with a patio where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful sunset over Oppdammen. All cabins are located by the water and next to the communal house.

Bicycles and Rowing boats
Bikes and rowing boats for rent. Why not explore the nearby Wallonworks? There are also nice bike paths for you to get out and experience the nature in a nice way. If you would like to go fishing then you have the option to rent a rowboat. Life jackets are available. Fishing