Sea Kayak rental - Kajak and Uteliv

  • Phone number (booking): 17640315
  • Phone number: +46 17640315
  • Visiting address: Gräddö Brygga Postal Address: 76015 Gräddö
Experience your dream paddle, rent a sea kayak from us, the perfect way to relax and enjoy nature and tranquility of the Stockholm Archipelgo.


Kajak och Uteliv runs a high-quality sea kayak rental in the Stockholm archipelago. For your own safety we recommend that you paddle together with some one and that you have participated in a kayakcourse, guided tour or have a Euro Paddle Pass. If you do not meet our requirements feel free to take one of your selfguided tours. The rental base is beautifully situated right at the beginning of Norrtäljeviken. There are both cafes and a grocery store nearby.