Östhammar vinter
©Anne Sofie Eriksson


Östhammar received its town charter in 1368, when it was known as Hamar. Land elevation was a big problem during the 15th century and the population moved to Öregrund for a time, but most gradually returned.

During the 19th century, Östhammar blossomed as a seaside resort. Today, its well-preserved wooden buildings, cosy centre and lush green gardens form the hub of Östhammar municipality. Be sure to take a guided tour through the picturesque districts, where your guide will relate the town's colourful history. Restaurants and small shops frame Rådhustorget, the town's cobblestone square. Down by the harbour and along the shore you can buy handcrafted items and enjoy excellent food.

Camping and swimming opportunities can be found close by, and there is even a minigolf course, which features many of the town's buildings in miniature. Outdoor gym, bowling, as well as boat and bicycle rentals, await the more active visitor. Culture lovers will enjoy art exhibitions and music events.