Roslagsbro church

  • Visiting address: Prästgårdsvägen 44 Postal Address: 761 75 Norrtälje
Roslagsbro church was called the Roslagen Cathedral by the archbishop and Nobel peace prize winner Nathan Söderblom.


This church is from the early middle ages and was in that time a rich and powerful church. The original chuch is the longhouse and was built during the 1300th century. Even today the paintings look new beacuse they were never painted over. The man who painted those is called "Roslagsmästaren"i.e "the Roslagen master" but no one knows he´s real name.
One odd treasure is kept inside the church, a painting of the dead Christ in a so called "easter grave". He was greased and put down in the casket at good friday. When the people of the parish came on easterday was the casket empty and Christ was re-emergence. One other precious treasure is a gothic handcraft that are probably made of a french man at Uppsala cathedral. One more strange treasure in the church are statue of Saint Erik who got lighted by the downgoing sun at 20:55 every midsummer in 5 minutes.