Qeptas Antika, Österbybruk

The antique shop is located in the ironworks office from 1730, a building that has had many uses throughout the years. The blacksmiths and other workers used to collect their wages here. Many people living in Österby in the mid twentieth century have been to the doctor’s or the police in these premises. The presence of some of the inhabitants can still be felt ...


Well stocked and arranged in several different rooms

In the largest room, you will, apart from porcelain and chine, find old furniture, pottery, lamps, glassware, silver, jewellery and art as well as spare parts for kerosene lamps, fittings, antique books and a large variety of bric-a-brac.

The folk-art room offers pottery, a few cupboards, tools, home woven textiles, tin cans ... and uranium glass.

The corridor contains thousands of pieces of cutlery sorted in boxes by the letter, more glass and artwork, books, postcards and at the back clothes and shoes from 1960 to 1980 from designers such as Gunilla Pontén, Vanja Brunzell och Gudrun Sjödén.

The vintage room is filled with evening gowns, folk costumes, hats, shoes, pottery from Upsala Ekeby and oil prints. The shelves are laden with textiles, tablecloths, throws, pillows and books about handicrafts. On the counter, costume jewellery and evening bags are glimmering besides more prosaic shirt collars and nightwear. Curtains from 1930 to 1970 hangs in the corner.

The retro room has everything from children’s books and toys to glass, pottery, tablecloths, rugs, furniture and lamps - all from 1940 to 1970.

Welcome to browse among your favourites!

Web shop
If you are not able to visit the shop, you may visit the web shop for safe and practical shopping www.qepta.se

New items are often published on Instagram before they are displayed in the web shop – if they are still not bought. Please follow @qeptasantika for further information.