Pythagoras Industrial Museum

Pythagoras Industrial Museum, Norrtälje Pythagoras is a hot-bulb factory founded in 1898. In an environment where you can still smell the foundry dust and engine oil you can get the feeling of what it was like to live and work in a factory that, with many others, built Sweden as an industrial nation.


Here is food for all the senses. During a guided tour you can experience a hot bulb engine running and listen to the lathes and mills as the are driven by transmission belts up in the ceiling.

You can also walk around the museum in your own pace and listen to an audioguide.

Our museum is not only for adults. We have a children's area where children can learn about inventions and mechanical principles through play.

There are regular guided tours in summer time and at any other time of the year pre-booked guided tours can be arranged.