Brevik i vinterskrud
©Anne Sofie Eriksson



The Roslagen rail line from Stockholm takes you to the centre of southern Roslagen, Åkersberga, located in the municipality of Österåker, 30 km north-east of Stockholm. Here you’ll find attractive surroundings, outdoor pursuits, nature and, of course, the archipelago. There is also a modern shopping centre with shops, cafés and restaurants. Enjoy art and the show garden at Länsmansgården, plus more art and handicrafts in Ekbacken park.

Österåker is divided by Åkers canal, at one time the Viking waterway between the Baltic Sea and Uppsala. The section known as Långhundraleden is popular for boating and canoeing and the old lock from 1825 is still in use. Österåker church dates from the 13th century and for many hundreds of years was in the centre of the area.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Roslagen rail line was built to Åkersberga and extended to Österskär by the sea, where you'll find many ornate summer houses. In the 1950s, Österåker developed rapidly from a station community into a modern and popular residential area. Where the Roslagen line terminates in Österskär, there is a beach ideal for swimming and walks, and many ornate villas along Trälhavet. At the steamer quay, the M/S Rödlöga can take you further into Roslagen's archipelago.