Marinbutiken in Roslagen - Boat rental

  • Phone number: +46 854085090
  • Visiting address: Marinbutiken, Sågvägen 16 Postal Address: 184 40 Åkersberga
Boat rental, accessory store, marine workshop, and ATV, boat & engine sales.


At Marinbutiken i Roslagen, we have an extensive range of boats available for rent, including Arronet aluminium boats (perfect for sport fishing and travelling around the archipelago) and Capelli rib boats. All our boats are 2019 models that will make your trip out into our beautiful archipelago a safe and memorable experience!

Price information:
Size class 1 (Arronet 16sp and Capelli 570 SWE) Size class 2 (Capelli 650 SWE)
Size class 1
Weekdays: 1 day 3290 kr
Saturday, Sunday or public holiday: SEK 3690
Weekend: 6190 kr
Week: SEK 8990

Size class 2
Weekdays: 1 day 4290 kr
Saturday, Sunday or public holiday: SEK 4690
Weekend: 7790 kr
Week: 10890 SEK

The boat is fully picked up and left full tanker. If the boat is not fully loaded when submitting, a fee of SEK 20 / liter will be added.

Keep in mind that when the keys are issued, a deposit corresponding to the insurance deductible must be paid. It is currently 5000 SEK. The deposit will be refunded in full after the rental period if no damage or loss has arisen.

Insurance is included in the rental price. Deposit of SEK 5000 is paid when the keys are collected.

The boat follows a Garmin gps with digital chart of Stockholm archipelago, paper charts, anchors with tampons, mooring ramps, fenders, paddle, classified locks and lock chain.

We have three models of boats for rent.

The arronet is a 16 SP (5.26 m) alumina pad with Suzuki DF70hk. Great for sport fishing and as a transport boat in our archipelago.

Capelli 570 SWE is a 5.7 meter safe and stable ribbed boat with Suzuki DF115hk, perfect for bathing on sunny days!
Capelli 650 SWE (6.55m) is a solid rib with Suzuki DF175hk that takes you safely, quickly and safely in our beautiful archipelago. Suitable for those who are a little larger. Approved for 12 people.


Keys and information are collected in the shop at Sågvägen 16 in Åkersberga.